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We value Christ as the ultimate example of how we are to live as Christians and therefore wish to cultivate character traits that He displayed while on earth. Examples of Christ’s attitude and behaviour that we value include: hope for the future, speaking truth, loving others unconditionally; and, showing reverence and obedience to God. We also wish to behave and express our Christian character in a manner that elevates our community by being kind, joyful, compassionate and helpful.


We value the Biblical principles of healthy living and strive to nurture physical, mental and spiritual health within our own lives and within the community. We believe we give glory to God by faithfully looking after our bodies; that living healthily allows us to serve Christ and his mission with greater intent; and, that our healthy lives can be a testimony to Christ’s transformative power in our lives.


We value, and are committed to, the ‘Great Commission’ which is to share the good news of Jesus’ life, love and truth with the world. We understand that this commission both gives our church its purpose and will enrich the community. Because we value our relationship with God we wish to share his forgiveness, grace and mercy with others.


We value our local community and are committed to supporting it through programs and acts of service. With Jesus’ personal ministry as our example, we seek to understand the needs of the community and fulfil them as best we can, valuing the dignity of each individual we encounter. We aim to work alongside the Camden community to see its people regenerated, restored and connected.


We value relationships and seek to uplift each person through respect, equity and trust. We seek to encourage intergenerational worship and fellowship so that we can have a flourishing church community. We are thus committed to helping families and friendships thrive as well as committed to providing a safe place where all can connect and be unified in their love for God and others.


We value individual giftedness, ie. God-given spiritual gifts and talents, as a mechanism for total member involvement. We believe that spiritual gifts and talents are given by God for the benefit of the church and community and, as such, we will help individuals discover their giftedness and the ways each gift can be used for church and community ministry. By empowering each individual in their spiritual gifts through support, mentoring and prayerful ministry we aim to create disciples that will help the local community grow and who are able to continue the church planting movement in new areas.

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